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Welcome!  Our establishment is one of the finest banquet halls in Columbus Ohio, offering delectable catering and a historic ambience.  We specialize in elegant, intimate special events, with dinner seating capacity for up to 100 guests and cocktail reception capacity for up to 125 guests. Established in 1990, we have hosted hundreds of special events like wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, holiday parties, and special occasion celebrations in the Columbus Ohio area. Let us help you make your next event truly memorable.

You are about to discover one of the most beautiful places in Columbus – Graystone Wine Cellar, nestled in the hand-hewn limestone vaults of the 1875 Schlee Bavarian Brewery in the heart of the historic Brewery District.  Our family wine cellar and banquet hall, in Columbus Ohio, rekindles the spirit of the hardy German immigrants who settled in Columbus and established a thriving brewery industry in the 1800s.  

Over a century later, we are delighted to invite you to host your guests and business associates in this charming and rediscovered space.  We host everything from conventions to wedding receptions with full catering available in Columbus Ohio.

Here at Graystone, we have built our reputation by focusing on our customers.  Our pricing, besides being extremely competitive in the market, is entirely straightforward, with no rental fees or any other fees, other than gratuity and sales tax. We do not require final menu decisions and guest numbers until at most one week before the event. We accommodate vegetarian guests and children with special meals. We provide table centerpieces, cut and serve wedding cakes, and provide many other small services which are either not provided by other banquet halls or provided at additional cost.  In short, we provide the finest in Columbus hospitality.

Creative and talented, our culinary team presents the highest quality catering menus in the most unique atmosphere in Columbus Ohio.  We invite you to come and experience the Graystone.


In a continuing effort to make our pricing the simplest and most transparent in the industry, we have changed our pricing structure so that ALL PRICES ARE PER PERSON AND INCLUDE ALL GRATUITIES AND FEES. 

There are no rental or facility fees or any other kind of add-on fees. The only addition you will see to the listed prices is the state mandated sales tax, currently 7.5% in Franklin County. 

For our repeat customers this is a big change. Rest assured that we have not suddenly instituted a massive price increase. Our new inclusive prices are comparable to the old prices when you add in the gratuity. 

For our prospective new customers, we ask that you compare total prices when comparison shopping. We think you will find that on a total cost basis we are very competitive in the central Ohio market.

Brian Johnson - Proprietor
Graystone Wine Cellar
The Brewery District
544 South Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
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