Reservation Information

Reservations & Deposits

Reservations must be confirmed with a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit. To reserve a single room our deposit requirement is $300. To reserve the entire facility our deposit requirement is $500. This deposit is usually not transferable to another date, although we have in the past made rare exceptions for special circumstances, such as unforeseen deployment changes. All deposits are applied toward the final balance, with that balance due at the time of your event. Also, we reserve the right to request a $500 deposit for use of our larger dining room, the Vineyard Room, on a Saturday night in December.

We are a small, family owned facility and must require a deposit as your intention to use our space, and in turn guarantee that we will hold our limited space exclusively for you. Please be certain that you wish to proceed with booking before placing a deposit.


All prices include all gratuities and service charges. There are no rental fees, other than in special circumstances, or when an event goes over the allotted time. Prices are per person except for appetizers. No additional gratuity is expected, other than in cash bar situations. Any gratuity given is split among all staff. Waitstaff are not permitted to accept individual gratuities. State sales tax of 7.5% is not included in prices and will be added to all bills except for organizations with a valid exemption.

Room set-up, silverware, china, basic linens, and access to our sound systems are all included. A projector, screen, and wireless microphone are also available at no charge.

Menu Selection

Final menu selections and minimum guaranteed guest numbers are due no later than one week before your event. After this date you may increase your guaranteed guest number but you may not reduce it.


Payment may be by cash, check, debit card or major credit card. Final payment is due at the time of your event, although in certain cases special arrangements can be made with our corporate or social clients.

Food & Beverage Minimums

Our minimum purchase requirements vary by day of the week and season, as well as whether you are reserving the entire facility or only one level. Minimums are clearly specified when booking and will be listed on your Client Agreement. Generally, minimums for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday range from $500 for one room for lunch to $800-1000 for an evening event. Minimums for one room on a Friday evening are $800 for our smaller room and $1200 for our larger room.

Saturdays are unique because we host so many weddings and corporate clients who wish to reserve the entire facility. Usually from May through November the entire facility together must be reserved on a Saturday, and food and beverage minimums will be between $2500-3000, although we do occasionally make exceptions based on availability. From December through April the entire facility may be reserved together but is not usually required. Minimums range from $1000 for our smaller room to $1500 for our larger room.


Our Vineyard Room will accommodate about 96 guests, and our Windows Room will accommodate about 48 guests. Please note: only our Windows Room is fully handicap accessible.

Our Commitment to You

High quality menus, attentive service, and fair and transparent pricing in the most unique venue in Columbus.

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