Facility Rental Only

General Information

Although Graystone generally does not charge rental fees when we are providing the food, we are happy to provide the facility on a rental only basis. We are available for rental by the hour, with minimums that vary depending on the day of the week. Rental rates are $100 per hour per room.

Please call or email with specific questions or needs.

Pricing Sheet

Monday through Thursday: $100 per hour per room, 3 hour minimum rental period.
Times available: 10 am - 11 pm Great for intimate business and professional meetings.
Friday afternoons until 4 pm: $100 per hour per room, 3 hour minimum rental period.
Fridays after 4 pm: $100 per hour per room, 5 hour minimum rental period.
Ideal for rehearsal dinners, birthday celebrations, and social events. Saturdays: $200 per hour for exclusive use of the entire facility, 4 hour minimum rental period. On Saturdays the entire facility must be rented together. Perfect for weddings and receptions. Sundays 11 am - 6 pm: $100 per hour per room, 4 hour minimum rental period.
Perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and graduations.

Rental Policies

All rentals include half an hour of setup time and half an hour of cleanup time in addition to the basic rental period. We are required to add state sales tax of 7.5% to all rental fees. Rentals include tables, chairs, house linens, and basic setup. Alcohol may not be brought in to the facility. Any bar services must be provided by Graystone due to the requirements of our liquor license. We are able to provide either a cash bar or a hosted bar. There is a $50 fee to have either a cash or a hosted bar available. This fee is waived if bar proceeds exceed $300. Food may be brought into the facility. However, unless renting the entire facility, kitchen access is not automatically included in rentals and requires prior arrangement. Dishes are NOT included in facility rentals.


A basic non-alcoholic beverage package including coffee, sodas, and water is available for $3 per guest. Chair covers are available for $2 per chair.